Jumpstart Your Daily Time Management: Take Stock of Your Revenue Generating Activities

How do I plan my time? Was the question of the day at Mind Masters. I have always held that the focus needs to be on high priority, high payoff activity if goals are to be achieved. For the solopreneur that is sometimes hard to define. The key here is to know what the goal or end result is, the question then, is simply how do I get there? Planning and scheduling on a weekly basis has always been the easiest way for me to make the progress toward my goals. Over the years I have also heard that you need to put a dollar value on all your activities, that way you would know what was high payoff.

The difficulty comes when you are more comfortable with activity of any kind, rather then “constructive” activity that leads to success. When you choose to put your attention on what you want, the value of where you spend your time becomes evident, those high priority, high pay off activities, like prospecting, telephone time, sales presentations rise to the top.

The outcome of the discussion at the Mind Masters meeting was first to take a week and review where you are spending your time, it is always easier to ask the questions of what would better get you to achieving your goals when you are aware of what you are spending your time on. The key is to honestly acknowledge what you need to be working on to create the greatest progress.