Build on Experiences and Accomplishments

As workers create the foundation for a new building site by laying out cinder blocks, they must first place cement between them before they can proceed to add others to build another level. At Mind Masters we encourage members to share their successes, achievements and things they learned in order to lay a foundation for their on going success. Jack Canfield says that “the more you acknowledge your past successes, the more confident you become in taking on and successfully accomplishing new ones”.

This is especially important now with so much chatter about the “bad economy” and businesses failing. If you only remember what hasn’t been accomplished then the foundation to take on new risks will be shaky indeed. Confidence and expectations in your abilities comes with building on the images of success. It isn’t enough to just think about what you have accomplished, it is important to write them down.

Whenever I have helped someone with a resume, it is amazing how little they remember about the results and accomplishments they brought to the company. They write out job descriptions, rather than the outcomes of their work that they brought to the table. The same is true for you, as a business owner you must keep your mind focused and filled with images of your achievements, that happens when you take time to write them down. Sometimes we have to go as far back in our history to set strong foundational blocks for growth and success.

One of the best sources of encouragement is to record your achievements. Reviewing them as you plan each month helps to maintain a high level of motivation and an ever-increasing keenness for achievement. Consider all areas of your life, they add to your belief in your potential and your motivation to achieve even more.