Value From Your Web Site

If you are using a Web Site to drive traffic to your business (not just to the web site), is it delivering the return you want on your investment of time and money? There is a great deal of talk about different strategies to use to get people to your site, but once they are there what happens? Are you making a lot of money from it? Are your clients and friends sending others to check out the site? Are you getting new subscribers to your eZine. Are you getting the calls or emails wanting to know more? Can you point directly to your web site as a key to attracting more clients?

If you have not taken time recently to review your site, let me suggest some questions that should be addressed.

  • What do you want your prospect/client to do once they have landed on your site and how do you want them to do it? Do you want to educate them, sell them or receive a referral?? What is your most wanted response? Are you getting it?
  • Who is your audience? What do you know about them? When and how people access your site will tell you if you are reaching your right audience.
  • Does your site enhance your company image? If you want to educate, do you provide information prospects can use with links or down loadable data? Does it speak to your targeted audience? Does your content attract/engage visitors and get return visitors?
  • Does the site get them to connect with you? Are they opting in for your free information or contacting you easily from your contact page? Do you offer them something of value if they do? Do you know what makes them take action?

Let’s be realistic here, you only have about 8 seconds to get the attention of a visitor on your site. You want to build value so they come back. This means you need to begin building a relationship with them from the get go. Based on the nature of your business and your customers expectations your competitive advantage will depend on how well you can make that connection. By taking time to:

  1. review what you do have/or want to have,
  2. analyze how well you are doing it,
  3. test new markets, new products and new offers,

you will be in much more control over your ROI. Remember the internet is a fast paced, changing market place, your need to stay in front of it to meet your objectives.

The Challenge: Stop and open your home page, does it reflect what you want prospects and clients to know about your business?