Mid Year Leap &/or Mid Year Correction

As I was preparing the flyer for Mind Masters 3rd Quarter Planning workshop I had the realization that by June 30th half of the year would be finished. How many of you after these several months working day and night to achieve those goals you set in January to create a new service, introduce a new product or even design a new business model – all at once find all the drive that brought the initial motivation and excitement has melted away, the steam has run out, the place you are in is comfortable and the dream world has slipped out from under?

This is the wake up call. You must reawaken the drive and motivation, you must motivate yourself! Once you accept that your on going success must come from you, you can build a comprehensive program that will keep you moving forward. You are the catalyst for your business, you must press on, you cannot afford to stand still. Let’s review some thoughts on creating your own personal motivation “touch stone”.

  1. Revisit your goals and make sure they have time frames for their accomplishment. Keep a list of other dreams so there is always an on going program for continued motivation.
  2. Create specific measurable results and actions for the achievement of your goals. Write out the steps so you can check off your progress.
  3. Articulate a personal purpose, it will give meaning to the goals you choose and enhance your desire. Your personality will take on a dynamic magnetism that drives everything to you.
  4. Maintain an unshakeable belief in your ability to fulfill your purpose and therefore your goals. List your qualities, abilities and achievements- you will see you have what it takes, so have confidence in them and use them as steps to your next success.
  5. Recognize obstacles as learning steps that cross your path and determine to overcome them. And when your purpose and goals are worthwhile the mind can overcome any situation, or circumstances that stands in your way.

The Challenge: What do you need to do to make a “mid-year leap”?