Do Dreams Come True?

As I was growing up, the only thing I learned to focus on because my parents said that was what was important was getting good grades. Maybe because I was more of a dreamer I experienced doing and having the things that dreams are made of. Goal setting was not formalized for me until later. But one of my members recently shared the real experience of setting the goal.

She had just gotten back from a wonderful trip she had set a goal for. She had spent the time setting money aside, planning the activities so she and her Mom could spend time together. She came to realize that it wasn’t the money that was the goal, although that was a necessary part of the goal, it was the feeling state that she wanted of being with her Mom and sharing some fun and adventures.

Think about it. When you say you want a million dollars – is it really the money? Or the FEELING it creates to have the freedom to invest that money in experiences? Mind Masters members are successful at achieving great goals. They are not all in the lime-light of great public acclamation, that fact doesn’t change the value of the achievements one single bit!

We all have already achieved much in our lives.  We already have done many things since we were born, and so the truth really is that we are already achievers, and the quality of those achievements depends on the value of the achievement to us, how we feel about our new car, the business we have built, our lovely home, our great garden, our life-enriching family, the assignment scoring a percentage far greater than we ever thought we could get, saving up $1 when we had only had one coin at a time, or making a profit at the end of the year, when our business was going down the hill last the quarter before.

So as this first quarter comes to a close, review those goals you wrote down, do they still have the same excitement and anticipation to move forward with? If not look deeper to see what will bring the joy and excitement of achievement. Your business depends on it!

The Challenge: Take a pen and a blank piece of paper, divide it in half. Now write down one thing you remember from your goals list that you wanted and on the second side of the page, write down why you haven’t gotten it. Then take some time and visualize the experience of achievement.