Wisdom from a Pro

head_with_gear_treeLast week I interviewed a PR specialist for a BLOG Talk Radio show and thought you might appreciate some of her wisdom.

  1. You need to believe in yourself.  When the company she was working with shut their doors all she could think of was “I need to get a job”.  However the people she had worked with helped her see that she had the talent to go out on her own. Seeing herself through them, she developed the confidence and made it happen. Surround yourself with people who see you with positive expectations.
  2. You need to know your core strengths. The internet has changed the way we do business and how we market ourselves.  As a PR strategist she had to recognize what she did well and began to grow a team of other experts she could call on to handle the other critical areas of a PR campaign. Strategic Alliances can open up new opportunities for you so you can do what you do best.
  3. Be willing to walk away.  As business owners we sometimes want to jump the gun, when in fact we are not clear of the results we want, much less have a plan in place.  Being clear on end results helps set the stage for right action.  She has found that saying no to a possible client often times helps them get their act together.  She says you position yourself for failure if you go jumping in with a client before having clarity of what they really want to accomplish. Be honest and they will come back when they are ready.
  4. Learn to say NO! This goes for clients as well as everything and everyone else who wants your attention.  This is about time management. When you focus on the high priority, high pay off activities, whether your own or for clients, this is what garners results. She conceded that this takes discipline and commitment to what you want and what you are providing for clients.
  5. Set boundaries. Getting too friendly with clients can cause strain in the relationship.  She says learning to keep the boundaries clear helps keep clients open to advice and respecting your expertise. Remember it is business,

Thank you Susan Gibson of Gibson Communications for your time and wisdom!

The Challenge: What is your biggest learning? What one thing can you change in your business?