Seeds of Success

As you look to this year you must positively expect good things to happen. Your belief and attitude about business, money, relationships, education, IQ, the government, what you’re capable of, how deserving you are and more will be the seeds that determine your success.

Your beliefs or what I call the 900 Pound Gorilla—are what hold you back. What it will take to set your plans in action is learning how to install new beliefs, and attitudes.

Defining your business Vision is one of your most important exercises to support and create on going success. Without the Vision, nothing you do in your business will make much of a difference. You may make some small changes, and you may even see some good results of those changes. You might even get lucky, once in a while. But without the Vision, your business will never truly become a great business.

Vision is what calls you and sustains you and gives you sufficient energy to keep going. When you find meaning (why) in what you do, you bring more value to what you do.

When you start looking at this, realize that the results you get (or do not get) are an accurate reflection of what you deeply think, believe and feel. You will not feel much motivation for your dreams that are incongruent with your profound beliefs and thoughts. Having a clear Vision is what continually engages your imagination and keeps you out of fear to continually build what you’re committed to creating.

What you put your attention on grows in you! Emerson said “Thoughts rule the world”. They are the basis of all action. Action is the basis of achievement. Your success achievement is based on the power of your mind, those beliefs and attitudes.

The Challenge: Take some time to review your vision and make sure your belief in its attainment is in alignment with it. Awaken your power in 2010!