The Greatest Revolution

2007 can be a year you accomplish your greatest DREAMS. Fulfillment of those DREAMS demands well defined Goals and specific daily, monthly and yearly plans. In your planning and Goal setting process there is a need for tools to activate you and bring about the focus and behavior changes so necessary to effect the results you want.

For centuries one of the most powerful tools that people have used to reconstruct their mental belief systems is the tool of Visualization. You focus your energy and simply create a mental image of the goal you wish to attain. You experience the situation, the object, feeling or end result benefit so that you become totally absorbed and participate in the whole experience with your whole being – causing an emotional-physiological response. Your mind cannot distinguish between what is reality and what is vividly imagined; therefore, by focusing on you specific Goals, your creative imagination will draw them into reality. The range of what you see is limited only by what you are willing to attempt.

The greatest power of visualization lies in its dynamic effect on you and on the future you can create for yourself. The law of cause and effect is the law of visualization and belief – that law that calls into being in the outer world everything you truly believe in your inner world to be true.