Wake Your Sleeping Giant

Summer has arrived, the excitement of vacation looms large – BUT, as your Business Development Specialist I must ask, are you at the mid point for your 2006 Goals and Objectives? How many of you after these several months working day and night to achieve those goals you set in January to create a new service, introduce a new product or even design a new business model – all at once find all the drive that brought the initial motivation and excitement has melted away, the steam has run out, the place you are in is comfortable and the dream world has slipped out from under?

This is the wake up call. Once you accept that your on going success must come from you, you can build a comprehensive program that will keep you moving forward. You are the catalyst for your business, you must press on, you cannot afford to stand still. Here are some things to help you regroup:

  1. Build on your accomplishments, achievements, results, learnings, and fulfillments.
  2. Install safety nets that encourage you, friends, Mind Masters, Affirmations.
  3. Constantly be aware of your thoughts. What you do is usually a result of what you actually THINK!
  4. Use the energy of your goals to move you forward.
  5. Stay connected to them, measure your progress, question your assumptions.
  6. Focus on your possibilities, allow desires to guide you.
  7. Let’s look for radically different approaches that could make it easier.
  8. Learn to leverage the skills and experiences of other people.

The game of life and business is won behind the scenes, in time spent in preparation. Time invested in strategy and planning is an ounce of prevention compared to the frustration and stress that come from having to go back and correct faulty assumptions. Your date with destiny is today!!! You were successful the moment you arrived. Success is the opposite of impulsiveness: it is a conscious choice. Your plan acts as an insurance policy for your success.

The Challenge: Stop and take a fresh look at your plans – distance yourself from what’s right in front of you and look out over the horizon.