Here’s what people are saying!

I joined the Mind Masters group as I needed guidance and advice on how to move my products to
an online business. The technology and automation process was overwhelming. Erin’s expertise and help
was very valuable. She directed me to several resources that got me on the right track. Her eye for detail, marketing talent and organized approach to the business propelled me forward so fast. I was back on track within 3 months and income increased. This has been the best investment I did. I highly recommend this group.
Doris Muna, Founder
I have accomplished launching my new business and giving the gift of education to my Granddaughter since starting at Mind Masters.  I set a goal to reach by the end of the year and after only 4 months I have surpassed that goal! I am achieving my financial goals thanks to my membership with Mind Masters.
Kathleen Leonard, Independent Jewelry Designer

I’ve been building my business for over 7 years, and I find my biggest challenge is staying focused on an action plan that will get the results I desire. Mind Masters has helped me address this focus challenge through weekly group meetings and individual mentoring sessions. Not only am I giving my written goals more attention, I’m also appreciating the sense of accountability by sharing my action plan.During group meetings, I collaborate with other business owners. I enjoy the give and take of these sessions and have employed several of the suggestions offered during these discussions. My mentoring sessions with Erin give me a detailed look at my goals and her insight provides practical ideas and encouragement.

The quarterly planning sessions are very valuable. Before, during and after these sessions, we analyze and refine our goals to be more actionable and effective. This structure has helped me immensely – I’m actually doing the forensics, not just thinking about them.

Best of all, I feel a camaraderie with other business owners who are experiencing some of the same challenges. It feels like a team approach as we discover and implement. And, while I’m not the perfect student, I always feel encouraged to keep moving forward.

Mary Fritsch-Derrick, LegalShield Business Solutions Consultant