Mind Masters Meetings

You know you, your skill, and the operation of your business. Mind Masters helps you master winning short and long term strategies, solve critical challenges and reach your dreams and goals.

“I love Dave’s perspective on things. He keeps me so grounded and focused that I can make really big accomplishments throughout the week.”

~ Yadi Garcia, Insurance Agent

“I really love Dave’s weekly discussion topics. He always has just the right topic that I need to hear. He gets me off to a great week so I can be super successful.”

~Cindy Egay, Real Estate Investor

At Mind Masters meetings you will get clear on where you are going with your business and what the priorities are for accomplishing your goals and results. You will begin to focus on the “high priority, high payoff” areas of your business so that you can enjoy consistent, on going success. The structure of support keeps you in action and on track.

At each meeting members form highly interactive and mutually supportive groups so that each person can identify business issues for collaborative discussion and development of practical action strategies.

What You Receive

A Resource That Delivers Results

The Mind Masters program guides you into formalizing results into a powerful plan for growth, effectiveness, and increased profitability. It is a success system that will work for you.

Peer Review/Brainstorming

  • Together we put our best foot forward and Brainstorm solutions to your individual challenges.
  • Security of a group of informal advisors.
  • When going forward is tough, we Challenge you and ask for accountability.
  • There is the focus of your team on your DREAMS and GOALS.


  • Topics cover up to date information of concern to entrepreneurs
  • Review of basics in Marketing, Sales, Operations, Finances and Leadership
  • Access to information especially written for the Growing business owner.

Focused Planning

  • Yearly we come together to focus on Goals and new directions
  • Quarterly we have sessions to detail the actions necessary to keep moving forward.
  • Monthly we commit to specific results that give you the ability to manage for optimum results
  • Weekly action steps keep you focused to the HIGH PRIORITY, HIGH PAYOFF activities that mean increased productivity and profitability.

Who Benefits

Business Owners, Independent Contractors, Consultants and Managers who want to build their business organization.

What Are The Benefits?

Focus on the high priority, high pay-off areas of your business that produce results. Get a team of experts who are resources for ideas, systems, and overall business needs. Take time to work on your business, not in it.