How Well do YOU Juggle??

When I sit in Mind Masters every week I realize how much of a juggling act business is, my own included. How do we increase our productivity, when we’re already working at maximum capacity? How do we take more time off to get the rejuvenation we need, when we have so much to do? How do we deal with the increasing distractions and interruptions that are taking our attention away from the high-value work that makes us the most money? How do we systematize our productivity, and create habits that work for us naturally and automatically every day? How do Read More

Video and the Marketplace

Mind Masters and Video in the MarketplaceThis has been one of the most fun topics we have shared at Mind Masters for many reasons. Many things showed up for the business owners in each of the groups when I introduced the topic, like fear, uncertainty, lack of confidence and no video skill sets. Can you relate?

So first we had to talk about stepping out of the comfort zone and trying something new, after all isn’t that what we ask customers and clients to do when they engage with you? Each person has an expertise that is unique to them that others can learn from and … Read More

Make it a Million Dollar Day!

Over the years in weekly Mind Masters meetings I end our meetings by encouraging members to use their power to make it a “Million Dollar Day. But what MAKES it a Million Dollar Day?

Everything in life starts with thought! As you think about the day ahead, how will you measure it? Most of us plan what we will do, but how many of us think about what will make it a truly successful day.

“This dynamic plays out in and around our lives every single day. Our thoughts drive our experience. Thoughts do, in fact, become things. Things like

Read More

Do You Have a Personal User’s Guide?

Guest Article By: Karl Bimshas

If you did not come with a user’s guide, write one.

You might think working with you is a dream. You are in your head all day, so, you know your intentions and beliefs better than anyone else, and I am sure they are all sound and reasonable. The problem is; no one else is in there with you. Even your closest allies, those who know you inside and out, are sometimes sideswiped by your actions.


Because you are not nearly as clear as you think you are. You did not come with a … Read More

4 Ways to Grow Your Business

The biggest issue I think we brainstorm at Mind Masters are issues about growing each other’s businesses. As John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing puts it, “The largest … challenge small businesses face is that they don’t have enough leads, and getting more leads is also their number one wish list item… Simply put, leads are the lifeline of every business.”  Members often share what new online marketing strategy they are trying. Over the years I have tried to stress that the cornerstone of any business growth is a good marketing strategy and using at least 3 different forms of Read More

Up Your Game!

When I came across this article a few years back I recognized that it spoke to the small business owners that I have worked with over the years. Mind Masters has always been there to keep members focused on the high priority, high payoff areas of their businesses, but overcoming the battle of what putting a price tag on what they do, especially in the service sector, is sometimes their biggest hurdle. John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing speaks to that issue in a very direct way. Here’s the article he wrote in 2007, use it to up your game.… Read More

Keeping It All Together: Test Your Priorities

As we quickly move into 2nd Quarter it is easy to continue to be caught up in the bustle of day to day business in the drive to make sure you meet your monthly financial goal. It can be tempting to spend a significant portion of you time fighting the myriad fires that crop up every day.
Now is a good time to step back and set laser-sharp focus on the really important priorities, so you can keep from spending time on what is not.

By taking time to review your business goals and results the priorities should be unmistakably … Read More

Choose Effectiveness

Life gives us choices; we can either move up the ladder of success or we can hang on to the rungs and fail to move. Holding on is always safe and secure, while climbing is rough and uphill.

Many of the small business owners I work with are seeking greater success but often fail to follow through with the resources needed. The depth of real success is not a flash. It doesn’t happen overnight and it isn’t always a matter of doing and having. There has to be time to grow; an effective business requires nothing less than personal effectiveness.Read More

The Slight Edge

This can be the year of your dreams, the year of great accomplishment, the year you realize and utilize your untapped potential; the year you achieve long sought after goals in all areas of your life. This year will be exciting and rewarding only if you make it so.  You ask how can I determine to make it such a year?  The year will hold accomplishment, realization and achievement only if you expect it to happen; only if you enter and live each day with an understanding of the slight edge. Let me explain.

For ten years, I worked with Read More

The 11th Hour – Decision Time

We are in the 11th Hour – November 2016- decision time to end with a bang or whimper!

Our newsletter last month was a full on wake up call to make sure your financial records are in order before taxes are due and to know where you are overall from a profit and loss perspective.  Hopefully you have taken some time to review and catch up.

This is also the time to assess some other aspects of your business and yourself. A strategic analysis is directed at looking at where your business is positioned in the present market. But … Read More